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Environmental Program

Due to a history of global mining and impacts caused to the national environment in search of these valuable resources, TOEM created a fund of 50 million units to support and preserve green areas through its Environmental Program.


Compensation for Environmental Damages

TOEM can be used as compensation for damages helping to contribute to an action together with man and nature.

With this, TOEM will provide advice to companies to carry out environmental compensation through the Program of support and conservation of forests by rural producers and Municipal and State Parks, with the creation of a State and Municipal agreement;

Together with the consultancy, the SUSTAINABILITY SEAL - “TOEM ECO” will bring benefits in approving projects in their city halls and the environment for commercial, industrial and even residential buildings.


Sustainability cycle

The preservation of the forest, in the TOEM model, is a complete cycle of sustainable development.

The resources destined to the producer are used to pay for the conservation and protection of the forest, the development of rural communities and sustainable bases and for the regional productive chains;

Benefits of protecting forests

  • Facilitates access to food;

  • Facilitates access to drinking water;

  • Guarantee of medicinal genetic resources;

  • Regulation of sequestration and avoided carbon emissions;

  • Improves air quality;

  • Assists in climate regulation and in moderating extreme events;

  • Helps to prevent soil erosion and maintain fertility;

  • It guarantees research and education spaces;

  • Preserves the natural habitat for species;

  • Preserves genetic diversity;

  • Develops regional production chains;

  • Protects and Conserves Forest Biomes;

  • Prioritizes the use of renewable natural resources;

  • It has effective protection of environmental interests, following the legal premises.

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